April 12th, 2024 Excitingly, Pete's Dairy Bar has been named one of the Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in New Brunswick in a People's Choice vote through Excellence New Brunswick.

If fact, by being nominated into the Top 10, we are in the running for a being named THE best ice cream shop in NB. To get there, we need YOUR help and your votes!

To vote for Pete's, please visit the Excellence NB website and scroll down until you see a line reading VOTING FORM and the People's Choice "star logo."

Click on the words 'Best in FOOD & DRINKS' then down to 'Ice Cream'. Click the down arrow then highlight Pete's Dairy Bar (we're at the very bottom of the 10 shops listed).

Then just scroll to the bottom and finish filling out the form before clicking SUBMIT.

Also, you can vote DAILY. So please bookmark the site and vote early, vote often... please! We need your votes!

How amazing would it be, in our 40th Anniversary Season, to be named the Best Ice Cream Shop in ALL of New Brunswick?

April 7th, 2024
After a couple of "pre-season" days, we put out the flags and officially kicked off Season 40.

Who could have guessed, way back in 1984, that Pete's would still be here serving up the best ice cream treats? It's a great occasion for us that's only been possible due to your continued support & patronage over those 40 years!

We hope to sprinkle a few surprises throughout the season and bring back some "old timey" things we haven't offered for a while.

It's been awesome to see many, many of the smiling faces we see every year, these past couple of days. We're also excited to meet all of the new friends stopping by.

There's LOTS to come this year and you're all invited to celebrate our landmark 40th birthday.

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